Mole National Park

Compare it to any of the world’s top Eco – Tourism sites or Safaris and no one can begrudge you. As Ghana’s biggest and best national park, the Mole National Park covers a vast land of 4,840 km2 square kilometres made up of undulating terrain with steep scarps and can be found in the West Gonja District of the Northern Region in the Republic of Ghana.

With 33 camps and 600 km of viewing road developed, the Mole National Park provides an idea opportunity for tourists to have a real tie exposure to estimated 500 friendly elephants, hundreds of hippos, antelopes, waterbucks, warthogs, buffaloes, monkeys, lions, birds and other endangered species in their natural habitats together with over 734 species of flowering plants.

Characterised by a gallery forests along rivers and streams, the park has a beautiful well-furnished motel and a standard pool to accommodate visitors who trip to the place. This facility provides an opportunity for tourist to relax and have an exclusive bird –eye view of the several animals on sight.

Records from the Ghana Forestry Commission, the institution charged with the management of the Mole National Park, indicates that the park was established in 1958 and re-designated into a National Park in 1971.

The animals are well protected by armed guards to prevent encroachment from poachers who will on a usual day go on a hunting spree in the Park.

The serenity of the park makes it an important place for overt academic researches since access to the numerous plants and animal species are not complicated.

Though life on park is usually quiet, it is not an isolated park since it only takes few hours to drive to the northern regional capital, Tamale , which is about one hundred and seventy kilometres from the park.

The following numbers can link one to the Wild Life Division of the Ghana Forestry Commission , managers of the park: ( +233 302 401210, 401227, 401216, 401231 / 3 / 9, +233 302 7010031 / 3 / 4, +233 302 401249).

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