Ghana Food and Drinks

Ghana Food and DrinksWith a population of little over 24milion, Ghana is seen as doyen in Africa due the relative peace enjoyed in this naturally rich West African country as compared to their conflict pronged neighbours.

In as much as this multi -ethnic country prioritises their hospitality and peaceful co –existence, so do they cherish their food.

There are several foods in Ghana but a quick scan through various homes and local restaurants in all the ten regions in Ghana will point out to arguably the five most popular food which incidentally are dominated by carbohydrates .

Below are the five most popular foods:


AS arguably the most popular delicacy in Ghana, Fufu is the end product of continues pounding of a mixture or selection of boiled starchy root tubers like cassava, plantain, yam or cocoyam in a wooden pestle and mortar .

Though largely attributed to the people of Ashanti, Brong, Ahafo,and Eastern regions of Ghana , it is very common to see Fufu been enjoyed in almost every homes across the country.

Irrespective of the lot of time spent in the preparation of Fufu , a visit to any local joint will attest to the fact that, it is the most popular local meal in Ghana .

It can be served with variety of soups, fish and meats depending on the preference of the person preparing it.

Some of these soups include light soup also known as ‘Nkrakra’, palm nut soup and groundnut soup best known in local parlance as ‘Abe Nkwan’ and ‘Nkate Nkwan’ respectively.

Fufu provides a great deal of energy in as much as the various vegetables used for the soup are also highly nutritious .


Fondly referred to as Nkran Dokunu or Komi, this food which originated from the Greater Accra Region of Ghana can not be unnoticed on almost every street in Ghana.

Considering the commonness of this meal which is made out of fermented dough and wrapped in treated maize husk on every street might make one conclude that its preparation is simple but taking time to ask any Ga kenkey seller will prove otherwise.

It starts with the soaking of maize in water for some days followed by grinding it into flour form .

This is proceeded by adding some water and leaving it for some days for fermentation.

Subsequently, the fermented dough is partially cooked and wrapped with the husks before they are cooked in big pots .

They are best served with fish and chilli pepper as well as other sauces.

Ga kenkey just like the other carbohydrate foods provides energy and also prevents the body from breaking down muscle tissue for fuel.


Just like the Ga Kenkey , this type of food also comes out from fermented dough of corn but the only difference is that this type of kenkey is wrapped with brownish plantain leaves unlike the Ga one which is seen in corn husks.

Though over here, the fermentation takes bit longer but nonetheless, the same due processes are followed.

Fante kenkey can be taken with all manner of soups and stews but a visit to the Central or Western Regions of Ghana where this food originates from will see it best enjoyed with grinded pepper and fish.

Fante kenkey contains fibre and other micronutrients the body needs.


As the major food preferred by the people of the three northern regions of Ghana , this foo d is made with cereals like millet or maize which are converted into powder state.

It might be largely common in the Northern ,Upper East and Upper West Regions but has so far crawled its way into many Ghanaian homes.

flour, sorghum flour or millet flour and accompanied with okro soup and groundnut soup with any kind of meat or fish of your choice.


Completing the five most popular dishes in Ghana is Akple which is mostly enjoyed by the people of the Volta Region.

Akple is made from unfermented corn dough and goes with okra soup which is also know as ‘fetri detsi’.

It is also rich in carbohydrates

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