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A Letter to the Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES), Ms. Naana Biney

I write this letter in appreciation for your explanation to the ban on teacher recruitment, and also to highlight key problems that have emanated as a result of your directive. It would be recalled that on September 25, 2013, I called you, Ms Benedicta Naana Biney on the phone and wanted to know the rationale for the current ban on teacher recruitment

Letter: Ghana request ‘particulars for security guarantees for players’

The Ministry of Youth and Sports which is the supervisory body of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has taken note of FIFA’s decision to maintain Cairo as the venue for the second leg World Cup play-off between Ghana and Egypt

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Dear Sir, today marks exactly 133 days since you sadly left us to continue your distinguished service to your maker. We have seen videos and pictures of you ascending into heaven and we have no doubt in our minds that you are in safe hands

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The Fragata Libertad is a war ship. To retain a warship and order the Latin American crew to surrender is something… a bit abusive. Uruguay has considered it as a provocation. We, the civilians are feeling it as an act of war. Worse

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Former President J. J. Rawlings is alive. The Most High God who set the military uprising and rule in place spared the life of Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings. He did not pay the price that the politicians and other soldiers did in the Divine intervention and redemption of country

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Letter to Pres. Mills: Some Testicular Fortitude, PLEASE!

Dear Mr. President Mills

Since you assumed office in January 2009, the issue and weight of judgments debts continue to grow around our necks, and despite the obviousness that the practice has become an avenue for your appointees to greedily enrich themselves, you have done nothing concrete to nip in the bud, this corrupt practice

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‘Advice To Bice’… (Open Letter To President Obour)

Dear Your Excellency,

Genial felicitations from wherever I am writing this piece from. I would on that same note like to pass on good wishes to you on your election since this is the first time you are reading from me. It’s been barely a year since you took the baton from Auntie Diana to run the affairs of the biggest umbrella body of GH Musicians and I must admit I am so much impressed with your work so far though it sometimes saddens my soul to see some musicians go through some hardships

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Dear Madam Minister,
I am a human rights activist/defender who works with government and
non-government human rights institutions/organizations to
promote/uphold and defend human rights in Africa, and the world at
large “in accordance with the 1998 UN Declaration on Human Rights

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Dear Mr President,

We the members of COMMON PURPOSE ALLIANCE GHANA, CPAG, have followed with dismay the unacceptable conduct of the government’s prosecutor, who is representing the taxpayers of Ghana, in the case of the State against Mr. Alfred Woyome, for allegedly defrauding the Republic of Ghana to the tune of GHc 51M

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Dear Sir,
I write as a concern member of the N D C to bring to your notice about your recent nomination of Dasaana Adams as the DCE to be for Wa –west and how it is going to affect the N D C as a party negatively in the up coming polls despite our numerous petitions and letters to your office about the questionable character of the said Dasaana Adams

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