Google Issues ‘State-Sponsored’ Cyber Attacks Warning

Internet giant Google is warning many users of its popular Gmail service that they may be the target of state-sponsored cyber attacks. The California-based company unveiled a new warning system Tuesday to alert Gmail users when it suspects “state-sponsored” attackers are attempting to compromise their accounts or computers using malicious software

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Nigeria plane crash: 153 dead

Nigerian officials say all 153 people on board a Nigerian passenger aircraft flight were killed when the plane crashed into a building in Lagos. President Goodluck Jonathan has declared three days of official mourning for the victims and ordered a thorough investigation into the disaster

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Nigeria’s Religious Leaders Work to Stop Violence

KADUNA, Nigeria - Sectarian violence in Nigeria's volatile Middle Belt region has killed hundreds in recent years, and many fear that attacks by Islamic extremists in the north could ignite lingering tensions. However, Muslim and Christian religious leaders in the northern city of Kaduna are coming together to head off violence

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