Northern Mali’s ‘city of saints’ suffers rebel fury

History dating as far back as the 5th century is literally being chipped away with pick axes and shovels at the hands of an extremist rebel faction in northern Mali. Holy Muslim shrines in the ancient city of Timbuktu have become targets of the Ansar Dine. For the Islamist faction, the Sufi shrines are a form of idolatry

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Who Wants Tobacco Business Dead in Africa?

In recent weeks there have been growing controversies over the dynamics of tobacco business in Africa, with sustained interests in the fate of tobacco growing countries, the future of tobacco manufacturing business and the burden of tobacco epidemic in the region, which has stimulated so much media coverage

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Hunger looms in Malawi

About 1.63 million people are food insecure in Malawi and will need support for three to eight months, according to a latest Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (Mvac) report, The Nation newspaper has reported

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