Algeria hostage crisis is over – Britain

British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond says the hostage crisis in Algeria appears to be over, and more lives have been lost. In a joint news conference in London with U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Saturday, Hammond said terrorists bear the "sole responsibility" for the deaths. The British Foreign Ministry says fewer than 10 Britons remain unaccounted for

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Ghanaian troops ready for battle in Mali

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is waiting for the green light from ECOWAS to send 120 soldiers to the besieged nation of Mali. Mainly construction engineers, the Ghanaian soldiers will provide support services in the form of provision of electricity and construction of camps and fences for security buildings, among others

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Floods: Stemming the tide in West Africa

Every year West African citizens experience heavy downpours, which often result in flooding. The floods in turn bring death, destruction to property and crops and outbreaks of disease. In 2012, the situation worsened dramatically. And the United Nations warns that climate change, increasing urbanization and population growth will further exacerbate the impact of floods in the future

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