Eurozone Jobless Rate Hits Record High

The European Union said Wednesday that the jobless rate in the eurozone hit 11.6 percent in September, up a tenth of a percentage point from August — a record high. The EU said another 146,000 workers lost their jobs, leaving more than 18 million people out of work

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Feature: Presidential Debate: Please may 2008 Obama stand up

For those of us who have followed President Obama political career from when he became a US Senator from Illinois to the time he became President of the United States in 2008, clearly recognized the fact that, the Barack Obama who debated Governor Mitt Romney during the first presidential debate fall short of being the political juggernaut we all knew him to be

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President Obama On PM Meles Zenawi Death

It was with sadness that I learned of the passing of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia. Prime Minister Meles deserves recognition for his lifelong contribution to Ethiopia’s development, particularly his unyielding commitment to Ethiopia’s poor

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