Ghanaians in South Africa: We are still under attack

A Ghanaian living in South Africa Felix Owusu Banahene has bemoaned that the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals have not ceased adding that they are still under attack by irate citizens.

He disclosed that majority of foreign nationals including Ghanaians have locked themselves up in their rooms fearing of assault if they roam in towns especially Pretoria West saying their security is being threatened.

Speaking with Kwame Adinkra host of Abusua FM’s Abusua Nkommo, Mr Banahene bemoaned the number of houses and shops belonging to foreign nationals which have been torched during demonstrations by South African citizens.

According to him, some foreign nationals have been killed by South African citizens who believe foreigners are taking over their jobs.

He said shops belonging to foreign nationals have temporarily been closed down by their owners to avoid being looted and torched.

He observed that South African citizens are not willing to engage in menial jobs yet have issues with foreign nationals who have taken up those jobs describing them as ‘lazy boots’.

‘The South African locals want us to leave their country, majority of the locals are envious of foreign nationals. They accuse foreign nationals of engaging their females in the sale of cocaine and prostitution. Some of the nationals from other countries have been reported dead but I have not heard the death of any Ghanaian,’ he explained.

Mr Banahene added that majority of foreign nationals are arrested upon renewal of their licenses calling on the government and the high commission to intervene in the situation.

Source: ultimatefmonline

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