Niche Cocoa to serve free chocolate to mark Valentine Day

Niche Cocoa Industry is promoting the consumption of Ghana’s cocoa products which is the Niche milk chocolate and Niche dark chocolate for the Valentine season.

“Niche is promoting cocoa consumption during this period by providing free chocolate samples at major supermarkets,” Mr Lloyd Ashiley, General Manager of Niche Cocoa Industry said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

He said: “The chocolate market in Ghana is large, but the production rate is low. For a long time our country’s only source of locally made chocolate has been Cocoa Processing Company, but they appear unable to meet increased customer demand. This leaves a market gap which Niche is working to fill.”

He encouraged consumers in Ghana to patronize their own saying that before the official product launch, the company received positive feedback daily both from home and abroad.

“We are overwhelmed with the demand for our product from Ghanaians living abroad who have access to other high quality brands but choose the Niche brand over others.

“Significant investment has gone into developing an appealing product packaging and chocolate taste which is without peer on the local market.

“Getting it right the first time was our goal, and we believe the market will agree we have achieved it,” he remarked.

Mr Ashiley added that later this year Niche plans to introduce other products into the market such as chocolate spreads, instant chocolate drinks, and cocoa powder.

Niche Cocoa Industry Limited received the 26th President’s National Award for Export Achievement for 2015.

It is the largest cocoa processor in Ghana and provides stable jobs for a workforce of more than 300 Ghanaians with an installed capacity of 70,000 metric tonnes per annum. GNA

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