Mr. President, Can You Hear Me ?

YOUR EXCELLENCY, before I dive into it I would like make it :Yes, I voted for you and what your party stands for.! But, I hold no special brief for any particular ideology, group or school of thought which might want to seek to bring about changes of any kind in our manners, morals or society.
I’m not a reformer. crusader,and social philosopher, political or economic theorist however, I still want you to hear me out.

Mr President,no,I’m not going to disturb you with too many issues right now because you’re too busy trying to put your administration together and tackle the mountainous problems you’ve inherited. .However,I know some issues can’t wait for another four years.

As a new president you’re going to get a lot of advisers and ideas all over the place,soI need to get your attention now, before your office gets so crowded and clogged by job seekers , ’fortune hunters’ and ‘political parasites’ .

I’m a realist—in the most realistic sense of the word. I appreciate the fact this is —and never has been and never will be—the best of times for Ghanaians to see the socio-economic promised land than now. Nevertheless, this is the most difficult time in the history of Ghana ,therefore that doesn’t mean one must under no circumstances raise questions, give suggestions, voice doubts, scratch his hair ,raise any eyebrow or seek improvement.

The point is it does no one any good to pretend there is never anything wrong in our system or society. Therefore there is no need to strive for perfection. In other words, in a free society like ours, anything that in any way affects the lives or the welfare of the public at large should never be precluded from continuing critical scrutiny, examination and criticism.

are my With that in mind once we’re all on nation building the following suggestions :
Your Excellency, right off the bat, beware of your own people and surround yourself with people who can always tell you what you don’t want to hear but need to hear. And, remember that those who sing hallelujah now are the same people who will cry for your crucifixion four years from now.

Mr President,I know, I may already have made some of your people mad, and I haven’t even gotten warmed up yet. But let’s not let that get in the way of good suggestions coming from a dedicated and noble statesman with genuine concerns.
Mr. President, I hear and— I’m sure you heard a lot of weeping and moaning during your campaigning season about the state of the country. Their dissatisfaction has three main, related causes: First, government does too many things they don’t want it to do. Second, every time the government does anything, it ends up costing them too much money.

The cost always outweighs the benefit. In other words, the people who pay for government are the people whom government seems least interested in serving. Third,their MPs take them for granted after the election .You could say that they’re not mad at the government—just the people who run it. If you don’t believe them take a trip to our seaports, hospitals, DVLA offices, other institutions. These are positive and healthy expressions of honest, righteous grievances, With that in mind here are my suggestions:

1.Seek advice from Your foes:

Seek advice from other political parties –not just with those you differ with politically,but everyone provided they have good ideas to offer you govern. It’s not a sign of weakness but,it’s called finding a common ground.We need more people with good ideas to help you tackle the tasks ahead of you.So tap into the pool of Ghanaian professionals, both home and abroad and seek their knowledge.

Turn Your Weakness Into Strength:

We don’t want mother Teresa to rule Ghana.We all have our weakness so look deeply within yourself and see how you can turn your weakness into advantages which can benefit Ghana. Mr. President, don’t be afraid to admit to Ghanaians when you screw-up(which you will once in a while!).Once you do that your fun club membership will soar.

Speak To Ghanaians regularly:

We live in a microwave world with its sophisticated technological gadgets.Make good use of them.Get online,send messages and presnt your cases in an unfiltered way to a broad audience; both home and abroad otherwise the Ghanaian media will take you to the cleaners. Make town hall meetings the hallmark of your administration so as to interact with the folks who sent you there.

Be Frank With the Electorates:

Most politicians are viewed with wariness and despised by electorates, so try as much as possible to tell them what they need to hear not what you want them to hear all the time. And, please let them know that intellectual ability has nothing to do with college education.

Let the Media be your Ally:

Do reporters and news men and women start their search for the truth in a totally unbiased,objective weay before stories are published?Do they actually do any investiagation to see if an allegation holds up before they report/ They will tell you they do.They will vow,promise,swear,aver,and take an oath with one hand on the Bible that they do,but they don’t.However,that shouldn’t be the reason to fight them.They are more than you and your minsters.Besides,if you and your minsters tell the truth all the time to Ghanaians , there is no need to fight them. Mr President, remember the current environment has amplified the loudest and helped most partisan voices and speed -up fact-free theories about politicians. So watch what you do or say. In short, with the help of the Fm station, political insurgents have tilted the national conversation.

Any Plans For This Microwave Generation?

“Say what?”Mr. President, I bet I caught you off guard, huh?
Yes, I’m referring to our face-booked, Iphoned, tableted, instant gratification generation with its over-consumption appetite for foreign goods and lifestyle. This is the most important resource of Ghana yet its aspirations and expectations are taken for granted by every government .I wonder if Ghana can walk majestically if this segment of the population is creeping and wobbling aimlessly. Question: Can your administration meet (sometimes) their unrealistic expectations and contain their anger and mistrust ?

We Need An Active Disporan Affair Office to take care of Ghanaians in the Dispora:

Mr. President can your administration ignore the plights 5 Million Ghanaians leaving abroad and survive?
Your Excellency, there is a need to create an office for Ghanaians in the Dispora ,which can not only aggressively recruit , attract and retain socio-economic self-imposed- exiles but help them to find their “bearings”when they plan to move to Ghana. Israel has a wonderful outfit to help the resettlement of every Jewish migrant around the globe who wants to move to Israel.

For Ghanaians in the dispora their “problems” start right from the arrival hall at kotoka International Airport till the day they check out of the country.. Even the dual –citizenship’s (mambo-jumbo) processing is so complicated and time consuming that people simply give up after the first attempt.Once the government takes care of their problems maybe, (just maybe), they will be willing to pay their fair taxes, provided their taxes could be accounted for and put into good use for the betterment of the nation.

The foreign vehicles that are using our roads should buy temporary auto insurance:

kwaku GAP

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