“I am ready for the Black Stars Job” – Enos Adepa

The head Coach of Wa All Stars, Enos Adepa claims he is ready to handle the Black Stars of Ghana if he is given the opportunity.

In an interview with the GNA sports desk on Tuesday, the enthusiastic young coach said handling the Stars is not a herculean task since a couple of local coaches have handled the stars before and excelled beyond expectation.

“If i am given the nod why not, there are so many local coaches who are capable of handling the Black stars if they can get the opportunity, I don’t see how difficult it is for any coach in Ghana now to handle the Black stars.

“I have said over and over again that if I am given the nod, i will change the Black stars entirely by ensuring that 60 to 70% of the squad will be from our local league, that is my view and I think my other colleagues also have that same opinion.”

“If we rally behind our local coaches as we do for the expatriate coaches we would do far better than them. Let’s check the track records of Ghanaian coaches who have handled the Black Stars.

“Coach Avram Grant is obviously maintaining what my senior colleague Kwesi Appiah built, for me he has not added anything great to the team. With the Black stars, the materials are there, you only have to blend them well for good results.

“We have a couple of local coaches who have excelled with the National teams, so just give us the chance and we would do greater things with the National team,” coach Enos Adepa said. GNA

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