Mahama: allow the EC to work

President-MahamaPresident John Drama Mahama, has urged Ghanaians to wait for the Electoral Commission to release the official results of the 2016 Presidential election (Ghana).

The incumbent president took to twitter on Friday morning to issue an advice to Ghanaians to allow the EC the opportunity to exercise its mandate.

The tweet spotted by VibeGhana which was posted under the account verified to be that of President Mahama reads:

“Let’s allow EC to carry out its constitutional mandate. We’ll make Ghana proud no matter outcome.”

Meanwhile, the electoral commission also on Friday pleaded with political parties to push party agents to work with the body so that the process of certifying the results can move forward much faster.

Mrs Charlotte Osei, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) during Friday’s press conference said some party agents are refusing to sign pink sheets.

She said only 210 out of the country’s 275 has so far been received by the commission.

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