EC asks candidates to let reps endorse results

charlotte-osei-chairperson-of-the-ec-ghanaMrs Charlotte Osei, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) has asked Presidential candidates in the December 7 polls to let their representatives at the National Coalition Centre (NCC) endorse the results.

She said this would enable her certify the presidential results from each constituency and fasten the process for the Commission to declare the results within the stipulated mandated 72 hours.

However, it must be noted that the refusal of the representatives of the candidates to endorse the results would not in any invalidate it.

Political parties with representatives at the NCC include the National Democratic Congress (NDC), New Patriotic Party (NPP), Convention People’s Party (CPP) and the People’s National Convention (PNC).

The agents are demanding for the pink sheets from each polling station in the country to enable them compare them with constituency results and summary sheets.

Mrs Osei said so far the result of 210 out of the 275 constituencies had been received at the NCC.

She said the results were being examined to ensure that they tallied with the polling stations declarations.

The Chairperson expressed the hope that the results of the 65 constituencies would reach the Centre by the close of the day.

She said the analysis from the 210 showed that this year’s general election recorded a 49 per cent turnout, which was far below previous records. GNA

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