Special Voting records 79 per cent turn-out – EC

The Electoral Commission has announced that at the end of the two phases of Special Voting 101,014 representing 79.29 per cent out a total of 127,396 voters cast their votes.

A statement issued by Mr Eric Kofi Fleming Dzakpasu, the EC Head of Communications, which was copied to the Ghana News Agency, said during Phase One on December 1, a total of 92,357 special voters cast their votes, while on December 4, Phase Two recorded 8,657.

The statement gave the regional breakdown as Ashanti, which had a total of 19,710 Special Voters, recording 15,474 voters during Phase One. In the second phase 1,030 voted, bringing the total to 16,504 (83.73 per cent) turn-out.

The Greater Accra Region, which had 25,558 Special Voters on the register, recorded 16,474 votes during Phase One but had 2,207 during Phase Two, leading to a total of 18,681 (73.09 per cent) turn-out.

The Volta Region with a total of 14,485 Special Voters had 9,672 cast their votes during Phase One, whereas 825 voted during Phase Two resulting in 10,497 (72.47 per cent) turn-out.

Of the 10,358 Special Voters in the Central Region, 7,451 voted on day one of the Special Voting, whilst 686 cast their ballots on day two, bringing the total to 8,137 (78.56 per cent) turn-out.

The Western Region with a total of 7,000 Special Voters recorded 4,747 turn-out on the first day of Special Voting; whereas on second day it had 415, which gave a total of 5,162 (73.74 per cent) turn-out.

The Eastern Region has 12,863 Special Voters, of which 9,286 voted on day one , while 831 cast their ballots on day two, giving a total of 10,117 (78.65 per cent) turn-out.

For the Brong Ahafo Region with a total of 13,487 Special Voters, 10,853 cast their ballots during the first phase, whilst 811 voted during the second phase, bringing the total to 11,664 (86.48 per cent) turn-out.

The Northern Region with a total of 13,402 Special Voters, 10,245 voted during Phase One, whereas 1,056 cast their votes during Phase Two giving a total of 11,301 (84.32 per cent) turn-out.

Upper East Region had 7,609 Special Voters of which 6,327 voted during Phase One, while 508 voted during the second phase, resulting in 6,835 votes casts (89.83 per cent).

The Upper West Region had a Special Voter population of 2,924 with 1828 casting their votes during Phase One. However, 288 were able to vote during Phase Two, giving a total of 2,116 (72.37 per cent) turn-out.

The statement said: “For those who did not find their names on the special voters list, it is because they are either not listed for duties outside their usual residence on Election Day or their names were not submitted by their institutions to the EC.

“Therefore they will be voting at their polling stations on Wednesday, December 7.

“We encourage everyone to use the Commission’s shortcode #6363 to check their registration details and the name of their polling station if they did not do so during the exhibition period.

“We urge all potential voters, to turn out in their numbers on Wednesday December 7, to exercise their franchise in the main election to choose their leaders.”

It said in the interest of national peace and national stability, the EC was entreating the media to be circumspect in their commentary and desist from publishing unverified and unconfirmed claims and allegations about the process.

“Our doors are widely open and the Commission will be providing constant updates on every aspect of the process to the media in a live press briefing every two hours on Election Day,” it said.

“This is to ensure that there is no communication gap that could create room for needless speculations and allegations.

“We hope the media would take advantage of this opportunity to better inform their listeners and viewers.”

The Special Voting was for the Staff of the EC, media professionals and members of the security forces, who will be carrying out electoral duties on Wednesday, December 7.

The Phase Two of the Special Voting became necessary when some 34,644 special voters, who will be performing electoral duties on Election Day, were unable to cast their votes due to operational hiccup.

The EC, at an emergency Inter-Party Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting on December 1, therefore, agreed with the political parties that the Special Voting exercise be extended to Sunday, December 4, in all the 275 constituencies. GNA

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