Politicians want me dead – Owusu Bempah

Owusu-BempahRev Isaac Owusu Bempah, General Overseer of Glorious Word Power Ministry International, has said some Ghanaian politicians are conniving to kill him before the end of September this year.

He said the assassination would be done with the semblance of armed robbery.

The popular preacher did not mention that name of the supposed persons scheming to kill him, but said he has information of a well-planned plot to ambush and shoot him in his house or on his way home after church service.

Rev Bempah made the alarming allegation to journalists at his office last Tuesday and said God revealed the plot to him.

“What surprises me is that on that same Sunday evening, some men who are close to the perpetrators visited me in my office and told me what some politicians are planning to do to him,” he said.

Throws Challenge

The man of God challenged the perpetrators to carry on with their plans, stating, “I want to tell those planning that evil act that I am ready and waiting for them. Nobody can kill Owusu Bempah in this country because my life is not in the hands of any human being.

“Ghanaians see me as a human being which, of course, I am, but I am more than what they see. I am not bragging…those who have eyes to see into the spirit realm know the kind of person I am. God has made me so powerful that no human being can kill me.

“I am daring them…If they change their mind to attack me as they have planned then they are not real men. I am ready for them both spiritually and physically,” he said.

Rev Bempah said those political leaders who are behind the plot to kill him will rather die one after the other.

When asked to mention the names of the politicians behind the plot, he declined, saying, “I won’t mention the names of those who are planning to kill me. But if they continue their evil ways, I will start mentioning their names one by one. For now, I am warning them and also want Ghanaians to know what some politicians are planning to do to me.”

Why the Killing Plot

According to Rev Bempah, those politicians want to kill him because he keeps revealing their evil plans to Ghanaians, and his prophesies always favour the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

When the man of God was asked whether he will report the matter to the police, he said, “I won’t report it to the police…no I won’t go to the police. The reason is that it is God who will protect and fight for me. I am a man of God so I don’t need any protection from the police…God is my protector. Let them come and they see real power.”

Other Targeted People

Rev Bempah continued…“I am not the only targeted person. I hear I am the first on their list of people they want to kill or deal with. After they will eliminate Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey, outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, and Prophet Kwabena Tawiah, Founder and Leader of the Church of Rabbi.”

Rev Bempah said, “I will continue to do my work as the man of God and prophet of this country. I will reveal all the secret of some wicked politicians in this country who want to kill people and connive with the EC to rig this year’s election. Whatever meeting they will have will be revealed to me by God. I can’t sit down unconcerned for evil to thrive in this country.”

Source: Daily Guide

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