My beef with Sarkodie has given me more visibility – M-anifest

SarkodieMy beef with Sarkodie has given me more visibility – M.aRapper, M.anifest has admitted that his beef or ‘philosophical differences’ as he calls it with fellow rapper, Sarkodie helped give him more visibility than he had before.

During a press tour to promote his album on Accra-based Starr FM, he agreed with public assertions that the ‘lyrical sparring’ with Sark gave him some mileage in the Ghanaian music industry. ]

“Of course. People enjoy this sense of rivalry, and the media feeds on it, social media feeds on it etc. It’s natural but everyday people are trying some gimmicks to get your attention but if it’s sincere or music or based on what people do. People know me for music and lyrics,” he said.

“And so for me I was in my corner somewhere finishing my album… as to the outcome. Yes, sure. Rivalries cause attention. Of course but people act as if my career began there. At the time all that was going on, I was actually somewhere performing and been doing this. I’m not a new or young artist.”

Source: livefmghana

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