A Donald Trump Presidency for the United States?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Folks, there is much truism in the saying that a country deserves the kind of government it gets. In historical epochs, the whirligig of government often reflects much about the state of the country and the aspirations or conditions of its people. The people will definitely deserve the government that rules them. If they cherish anarchy, they will get a government that promotes anarchy; if they love freedom and are prepared to die for it, they will get a government that sustains democracy; if they love tyranny, they will get a government to give them tyranny. Happenings all over the world attest to this truism. Let me land now.

I have been monitoring happenings at the convention being held by the Grand Old Party (the Republican Party of the United States) since it began on Monday, July 18. And I must say upfront that it is as uninspiring as it foretells the sad fate of Donald trump at Election 2016. I am now ready to stick my neck out to make my voice heard!!

Even before the convention began, the rumpus within the GOP had surfaced when the anti-Trump elements sought to scuttle everything about his nomination to contest Election 2016. Of course, they had their reasons for opposing Trump, which isn’t surprising, given the main issues that have guided the Trump campaign thus far.

Not everyone in the GOP fold likes the kind of robust or crude approach to politics as Trump has enacted. Let’s not even talk about the items on his political menu, which work against the very principles on which the United States has survived as a Superpower.

The decision by some main GOP pillars such as the two former Presidents of the Bush family and the unsuccessful aspirant Jeb Bush to stay away from the convention speaks volumes. So also does the rebuff by John McCain, Mitt Romney, and the Governor of Ohio (John Kasich), Marco Rubio, Ted Cruze (he showed up today, giving a speech in which he refused to endorse Trump!!) and other prominent Republican forces. These are forces that anyone wishing to lead the GOP to Election 2016 would not want to alienate. Not so for Donald Trump. Only the unfulfilled Bob Dole turned up, so jaded as to make one wonder whether he knew what was happening around him or whether he has any currency to give Trump.

Thus, Trump has succeeded in turning the GOP convention into a modern version of the “Boston Tea Party” that his own family and doodling supporters would participate in to rubber-stamp him for an election that he barely knows how to position himself for. He seems to be driven by the family heirloom of wealth bequeathed to him by his father and built upon by his own adroitness. That is no asset for building a country as diverse and aggressive (if not greedy) as the US is. Success in private business life without any backing by political experience or expediency cannot make the US safe or great again!! It only deepens woes!!

I have watched everything delivered so far at the ongoing convention and the commentaries run by major news broadcasters and political analysts and can say at this point that the GOP will not win the November elections. In effect, all that Donald Trump is doing is a mere exercise in futility, raising dust within the GOP and setting it up for a humiliating defeat.

No matter what has been said so far about Trump to whitewash him, there is ample evidence to conclude that the man himself lacks the qualities that the United States needs and deserves in this critical time in world affairs. Simply put, he is not well-cut-out for the Presidency of the US.

Talk about his brash and low-brow stance on important issues that shape the US’s role in global politics. He lacks a clear understanding of it all, which explains why he is hell-bent on blaming and condemning President Obama for what he perceives as the loss of influence by the US in global affairs. Who says that the US has lost its hold on global affairs and that it is a Donald Trump Presidency that will “make America great again”?

Does Trump even know that the United States is not what constitutes AMERICA? I wish he would revise his notes to know that the US is only part of what the world knows as America (North America, made up of Canada and the US; Latin/Central America, and South America). The US is not AMERICA, Mr. Donald Trump! It is the United States of American only, made up of 50 states, some of which have been forcibly taken away from other countries (Texas from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.)!! Talk about paralyzing ignorance in the Trump camp and you will be hitting the right chord.

I have observed that over the past two days, all speakers have poured needless venom on Mrs. Hillary Clinton in the mistaken belief that painting her black would open the floodgates for a Donald Trump victory at the polls. pathetic. A misfire it is!!

Regardless of her own limitations (being a human being to whom perfection is not a quality), she has erred in public office and admitted such. Interestingly, no legal mechanism exists for her to be crippled, which makes a mockery of the loud but useless talk that she should be prosecuted (over happenings in Benghazi and her use of a private e-mail server).

Isn’t it intriguing that the New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, would be leading this campaign, having himself been politically damaged by what happened in the closure of the main transportation hub between New York and New Jersey when his political interests were at stake? Such hypocrites damage the GOP!!

And there is something from Ruddy Giuliani too to muddy the waters for Mr. Trump. Don’t talk about Dr. Carson’s flight into the transcendental, bringing God into everything that he accused about Mrs. Clinton. Why are these people not being politically mature? The answer is that the GOP at this point is rudderless and cannot be managed to return to power.

That explains why Mr. Trump and his hate-campaign machinery have focused on President Obama, condemning him without any compunction, yet, defending Melania Trump for plagiarism aspects of Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 convention of the Democratic Party that won the hearts of the electorate to put her husband in office to rule the United States of America for 8 years now!!

Being vehement haters of the Obamas but stealing their captivating ideas for political expediency? What manner of people are these Trumps? And what sort of characters will support their bid to voted into office as the leader of the United States in a world that is fast discounting the obnoxious belief that might is right?

If you think otherwise, just turn round to consider how Mr. Trump hopes to solve global problems. A complete washout!!

Making the US safe or great means more than what Mr. Trump has postulated. The US can be strong without its being positioned to fight forces that it doesn’t even know exist. And anybody wishing to replace President Obama had better come with a better understanding of the geo-politics that has shaped the US’ involvement in world affairs.

If for nothing at all, the US still remains a force to reckon with. Forcing it to take on what it is not conditioned for as Mr. Trump imagine will worsen its fate. World politics goes beyond military strength. Any hope of making the military strength of the USA better than what it is now will worsen matters.

he world doesn’t need military strength and the flexing of muscles for the good of the military-industrial complex that the US has boasted of all these years. It needs diplomacy instead. Can we not tell why the United Nations under Ban Kim Moon is dead just because of how it has been emasculated under the war-mongering agenda of the US before Obama stepped in?

A Trump Presidency that targets Muslims and so-called illegal immigrants for misplaced vengeance will definitely set the stage for what the US cannot comprehend or cope with. Is any politician really thinking about why there is so much targeted revenge against the police or why home-grown terrorism is becoming an affront to the US’ democracy?

A lot of serious thinking has to be done; but it can’t come from the Donald Trump camp, now that it is clear what it’s premeditated strategies are. Such strategies don’t solve pertinent problems; they compound them.

A genuine assessment of the Obama administration should credit it for stemming the tide that would have plunged the US into more serious problems. Can’t a reasonable politician credit Obama for lessening tension by acting on the situation in volatile areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Pakistan, etc.? After all, it wasn’t Obama who caused those problems. So, why blame him and Hillary Clinton to the extent of wanting to sacrifice them for a mere political pottage at Election 2016?

Of course, Obama pushed the US into the crisis in Libya and will be the first to admit the error; but it doesn’t make him that much of a villain to be targeted by Trump and his camp of political novices. Other important aspects of global politics appear not to register on the radar of the Trump camp. I don’t blame them because from all that they have demonstrated so far, it is clear that they are abysmally ignorant of the factors that shape global politics!!

Folks, there is a lot more to talk about; and we will do so as events at the GOP’s convention unfold. I wait to see what the convention of the Democratic Party will reveal. Then, i can put everything together for a more concise analysis of issues that will determine the outcome of Election 2016 in the US.

For now, I am confident that the Trump camp is lost, being plainly mischievous and misguided in attacking Obama and Hillary Clinton. More important issues are dear to the hearts of the voters that they are either incapable of comprehending or are avoiding for limited political expediency. Only losers go that way. Folks, too much lies ahead. We will pause here for now.

I shall return…

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