Imam Hajj Umar Ibrahim to deliver State of the Ummah Address

Hajj Umar IbrahimHis Eminence, Sheikh Imam Hajj Umar Ibrahim, The chief Imam of Ahlu Sunnah (Ghana) is set to deliver the first ever STATE OF THE UMMAH ADDRESS on US based Qibla FM on Wednesday.

The Imam who is on a short vacation in the United States is expected to use the opportunity to call on Muslims across the world and Ghana in particular to unite in order to achieve meaningful development.

During an interview with an affiliate, Hajj Umar, as he is popularly known said the Muslim communities across Ghana with a united effort can solve many of the challenges it faces.

He said the underdevelopment of Muslim communities can mostly be blamed on the lack of unity.

“We have a very large population in Ghana and elsewhere but we’re not united, muslims are taking up developmental task which requires a collective effort for success but because of disunity we fail to accomplish our goals and that’s why we’re also behind in community development”.

High unemployment, poor head-start school system and inter-muslim disputes/conflicts are expected to be some the key areas the Imam will hit on.

The State of THE STATE OF UMMAH ADDRESS will be delivered live on Qibla FM on Wednesday July 6th 2016 at 8:30 p.m Eastern USA time (12:30 a.m. Ghana time).

The live event could also be listened to online at or on your smart phone using the tunein radio app which can be downloaded at the play store.

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