Propaganda On Allotey Jacob’s ’s Alleged Arrest Won’t Get NPP A Single Voter – Ephson

Ben-EphsonPollster Ben Ephson says the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) making political capital out of Chairman Allotey’s alleged arrest will not secure the NPP any electoral gains with six months to the general polls.

“The Allotey’s arrest, will it be a pivotal strategy to help in the election?” Ephson questioned, insisting that there won’t be any floating voter who will switch to the NPP because of the propaganda on Mr. Allotey Jacobs’ issue.

“The argument I’m making now,I made it sometime back when Amoateng was arrested as a Member of Parliament. The propaganda is good- but you need to ask yourself that will there be a floating voter who will switch because of that. And I made this argument in the instance of Amoateng’s case that I don’t think there will even be 100 voters countrywide who will vote for NDC because an NPP MP has been caught with drugs and sentenced. However, juxtaposing it now; if indeed Allotey has been arrested I don’t think you’ll get hundred voters who vote for NPP because Allotey is busted. Once you argue on the principle no matter who is involved it stands,” Ephson told Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM Wednesday.

Rumours went viral on social media on Sunday alleging that Mr Allotey Jacobs was busted over money laundering in Britain while transiting to United States of America.

Other reports said, the NDC bigwig who is abroad for a business transaction was escorted from the plane and questioned when his flight arrived Sunday morning over a tip-off that he was carrying too much money.

The unconfirmed reports further said Ghana’s High Commissioner to the UK, Victor Smith had dispatched officials of the High Commission to help Chairman Allotey.

A member of the NPP Communications team, Hopeson Adorye who joined the band wagon of the rumour mongering on Chairman Allotey on social media, has insisted he was momentarily arrested and questioned over a case of money laundering Sunday while boarding a flight to the UK although Allotey has since denied such reports making rounds in the media.

Source: kasapafmonline

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