Stan Dogbe blocks Scottish journalist from ‘grilling’ Mahama

Stan DogbeFormer Head of Flagstaff House Communication Bureau, Stan Xoese Dogbe is again in the news in Scotland for allegedly preventing a Scottish journalist from posing a question to President John Dramani Mahama.

The journalist who reports for the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] in Scotland – was prevented by Stan Dogbe in his attempt to ask the president a question on gay rights.

Some Members of the Scottish Parliament had earlier called on their government to confront President John Dramani Mahama on Ghana’s alleged abuses on lesbian and gay citizens.

Labour members of the Scottish august house sat on their hands when President Mahama was introduced in the chamber – this was in protest of Ghana’s stands on gay right, even though other members of the House applauded Ghana’s president.

Some reports suggest that, after the Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick, said she would “extend the hand of friendship” to Mahama, members of the Scottish Greens, including their co-convener Patrick Harvie, who is gay, wrote to her to urge caution.

However, after the chamber had brought its order to an end – the Scottish journalist chanced upon President Mahama to pose some questions to him on Ghana’s position on homosexuals.

“Gay Ghanaians can be jailed because of their sexuality. Mr President [John Mahama] what do you say to those who criticize Ghana’s human rights threat?” the journalist asked.

In the video, Stan Dogbe who was with the president in the gallery of the Scottish Parliament house, ‘angrily’ shoved the journalist aside even though President Mahama appeared likely to answer the question.

Stan Dogbe after that, – ‘heavily checked’ the credential of the journalist before a Scottish police officer waded in to ‘calm’ the situation.

The news has since gone viral with most people describing Stans Dogbe’s action as “unfortunate” – others also believe his attempt to prevent the president from answering the question was a “nice” approach.

Source: peacefmonline

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