Unemployment cause of murder cases – Security expert

A security expert has attributed most of the murder cases reported in Ghana to the high rate of youth unemployment.

Commenting on the killing of Hon Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu, MP for Abuakwa North, at his home in Accra, Dr. Kingsley Adjei explained that when people are unable to meet their economic needs, they resort to other illegal means to achieve their aims.

Mr. Boakye Danquah, popularly known as JB, was reportedly stabbed to death by unknown assailants at his Shiashie residence on Tuesday night.

The police have launched an investigation into the homicide and promised a thorough probe to bring the assailant to book, having cordoned off the area and collected pieces of evidence, including a ladder, which the attacker is believed to have used to scale a wall to access the MP’s bedroom.

The headquarters of the Police Criminal Investigations Department has since taken over investigations.

Although Dr. Kingsley Adjei, who is also an expert in International Conflict Management at the University of Cape Coast, could not state whether the recent murder at the MPs residence is a contract killing or a robbery case, he believes there are rising levels of frustration due to the economic hardship, unemployment and high cost of living and these have contributed to the crime rate in Ghana.

To forestall any future attacks, Dr Adjei called for the establishment of what he termed a parliamentary village which will shelter all the MPs to ensure their safety.

He urged the Ghana Police Service, and other security agencies to remain responsive, fair and open in dealing with crimes in the country.

Source: adomonline

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