Gov’t to meet with Togolese authorities over refugees

Information available to Joy News indicate that the Government of Ghana is scheduled to meet with authorities in Togo to arrange the return of some Bunkpurugu natives seeking refuge in Togo.

The residents have sought refuge in the neighbouring town as a result of a conflict in their hometown and are struggling to survive.

With the support of the Togolese government, the residents and their families have been reduced to living on five bowls of maize a month. This is provided by authorities every month.

Children are unable to go to school and their parents are unable to work and make a living to cater for them.

The plight of the Bunkpurugu residents was revealed by Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng in the documentary titled, ‘Brother at War’.

The documentary highlighted the effects of the conflict in Bunkpurugu which has lasted for decades and claimed many lives.

The feuding factions are children of two brothers – the younger one is contesting his older brother – the current Chief of Bunkpurugu, Naa Alhaji Abuba Nasinmong.

Both have taken entrenched positions and are reluctant to meet each other.

The Bunkpurugu chief who doubles as the leader of the Jafouk gate and his people are not ready to relinquish the skin for the Jamong gate to take over. They’d rather kill each other.

However, Project Director of the Ghana Refugees Board, Tetteh Padi said a plan to bring the refugees back home was delayed by elections in Togo last year.

He hinted that the Ghana government will be meeting with officials from Togo to draw a roadmap.

”Ghana is more peaceful than Togo but obviously with sporadic disturbances, these people find a quieter place during the period that the disturbances are taking place. It is only natural that people will want to run away from areas where they don’t feel safe

“Ghana government, UNHCR, the Togolese government are in an arrangement and are discussing modalities for returning these persons back to Ghana,” he said.

Meanwhile, a member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior, Major Derrick Oduro has asked government to do more to bring lasting peace to conflict ridden Bunkpurugu.

Source: myjoyonloine

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