‘I have recordings of producers demanding for sex’

Ghanaian movie producer, David Owusu, says he has mobile recordings of movie producers demanding sex from actresses before they give them roles.

As reported in News One newspaper, he said; “I won’t deny that it doesn’t happen. It happens. I have evidence of mobile conversations where producers make that demand, but I will not blame any producer or director who does that. I blame the girls in question.”

He also argued that ladies are key players in curbing the practice but if it still exists then they are the best to blame.

According to him, they have the right to say no and everything ends there.

“Why because as a girl, you have your dignity to protect and it is you who go to see a producer and you know what you want. You go there and the person gives you a condition; it is up to you to say yes or no. If you say no and the person forces his way to sleep with you, that becomes rape.

The CEO of Media5 Promotions described talks about sex for roles in the movie industry as tarnishing the image of all movie producers and directors, though not all of them are involved.

He denied indulging in such an activity and challenged any actress who disagrees with him to come out.

“I don’t think any girl anywhere would come out and say yes I went to David and I wanted to act and he requested to sleep with me before giving me a role. I don’t think so. I am challenging any girl who thinks that I have ever told her this to come out and say it,” he said.

“Likewise, I know some of my colleague producers that I can vouch for that have never given a condition to any girl. So if you go to a producer and the producer makes that demand leave him. Go to another producer.

He cautioned up and coming actresses to be patience and learn to try other producers if one fails.

Source: livefmghana

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