Praises and worship invokes God’s anointing – Dr Tetteh

Dr Lawrence Tetteh, a renowned Ghanaian Evangelist, on Saturday challenged Christians to place emphasis on praises and worship, in order to attract the desired anointing that would “make a way when there seems to be no way”.

He said the scriptures recorded that when Elisha the Prophet praised and worshipped the Lord, he ministered to a people made barren through prolonged drought that “you will not see the wind and the rain but the valley will be filled with water”.

Dr Tetteh was speaking at a day’s retreat organised by Salt and Lights Ministries for the members of the Harmonious Choir of the Ministries on the theme: “Oh for grace to love God more and obey Him.”

He said most people are not able to get the anointing of the Lord because they are not able to lift God.

He narrated a personal encounter with God when he was smuggling a record number 250 bibles to Mongolia in 1988 where such an offence attracted decapitation, death and sometimes life in imprisonment.

Dr Tetteh, Founder and President of the UK-based Worldwide Miracle Outreach said he was in a plane, when a white lady seated by him warned him never to carry bibles to that country since the consequence was fatal.

He said before the lady could give her that advice he was for hours worshipping and praising God.

“But I got frightened when the lady gave me that advice so I went to the washroom not to attend to nature’s call but for one hour I was praising and worshipping God,” he said.

He said when he landed at the airport a Gypsy gentleman met him, greeted him in all the Ghanaian languages he understood, collected his luggage and passport and led him unimpeded through the immigration formalities to a bus where a US Pastor and her 12-year-old girl were waiting for him.

Dr Tetteh said when the pastor noticed the number of bibles he had risked smuggling into the country, he expressed surprise, since the highest ever consignment he had ever received was just one.

“When the pastor uttered those words his 12 years old girl fell into a trance and ministered to me that it was an angel of God who made me passed throughout the immigration procedures without being arrested.

“What was even more amazing about the revelation was that all my names including an Ewe name ‘Agbenyoh’ that I didn’t like at that time, was mentioned by the girl when she addressed me in the spirit.

“Who am I to be assisted by an angel if not because of praises and worship.”

Dr Tetteh said there is power in praises and worship, adding that through this medium, he had suffered a slap whilst preaching in Accra, escaped an assault on him through a well built man carrying a machete and was able to defend himself against another attack whilst holding a crusade at Dansoman Park.

Dr Joyce Aryee, Founder and Leader of the Ministries told Ghana News Agency that the annual retreat is used to pray for the nation and to seek the presence of God.

“We are not just a choir but also minister the message of God,” she said. GNA

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