I’ll Scrap Killer Taxes – Nana Addo

Nana AddoNANA ADDO Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential candidate, has passionately appealed to Ghanaians to have hope in him and vote massively for the NPP to transform the country.

He also assured Ghanaians that he would scrap all killer taxes introduced by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration when voted into power.

Government recently introduced new taxes on petroleum products, coupled with increases in utility tariffs, incurring the wrath of many Ghanaians including labour unions, which are set to hit the streets in protest against the killer taxes.

The NPP presidential candidate had told hairdressers and beauticians in the country before travelling to Kumasi for a party function that the taxes, in his view, were introduced as a result of the poor management of the economy.

“Because of the high taxes imposed on every business activity in this country, including yours, businesses are being throttled. It is therefore no surprise that things are difficult in Ghana at the moment. Under my government, these taxes imposed on you as a result of the mismanagement of the Ghanaian economy will be no more,” he assured.

According to him, Ghana’s current deplorable state could be wiped out and replaced with hope, pointing out that lack of proper leadership had caused Ghana all its mountainous problems under the NDC government.

He was of the strong conviction that the NPP, led by him, has experienced people to implement better policies to make Ghana the better country that its citizenry are craving for, which the NDC had failed to provide.

Using Cote d’Ivoire as a case study, he said President Alhassan Ouatarra had transformed the country which was recently hit with civil strife “because he (Ouatarra) has the knowledge and experience.”


Nana Akufo-Addo, whilst applauding the Cote d’Ivoire leader, urged Ghanaians to vote massively for him and the NPP, promising that when given the chance he would also transform the country to the surprise of all.

“Please give me the chance to help make our country Ghana a better place to live,” the NPP capo told teeming party faithful during the Ashanti Regional NPP fundraising ceremony at the Baba Yara Stadium on Saturday.


Nana Akufo-Addo stated that he is not in politics to milk the resources of the country in order to become fabulously rich whilst the rest of the populace wallowed in abject poverty. He stressed that he would be a corrupt-free and caring president.

He said he is the right person to be voted for to manage the resources of Ghana, indicating that his administration would manage and distribute the resources of the state equally for all to enjoy.

He stated that there would be no room for discrimination in the country during his presidency, adding that every citizen would be made to feel proud of being a Ghanaian, stating that he would be father for all.

Nana Akufo-Addo commended the Ashanti Regional branch of the NPP for the vision to raise funds to support the party’s campaign.

On behalf of the NPP, he thanked all the donors, assuring them that monies that they had donated would be used for the intended purposes.

Source: Daily Guide/Ghana

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