Volta NDC Youth Wing Condemns Phony Political Group

The Volta Regional Youth Secretariat of the National Democratic Congress has noted with deep concern, a press statement signed by Gifty Daavi Futukpor (a known NPP operative), in which a group calling itself ‘’Concerned Volta Youth,’’ fabricated outright LIES, and unsubstantiated allegations against the government of His Excellency President John Mahama over the just ended government retreat held in Ho-VR.

We hereby state up front, that the Volta Regional NDC and the Volta Regional Youth wing of the NDC do NOT recognize this group, the “Concerned Volta Youth” as a legitimate organization, nor associate with any of its operatives. Period.

We categorically denounce any statements coming from this phony group, “Concerned Volta Youth” purporting to represent the Volta Regional NDC, the Volta Regional Youth wing or any recognized NDC bodies.

We also find particularly disturbing, the capricious and unprecedented attempt in the statement to hoodwink the public by pitting the former Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani against the current Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, in order to create and perpetuate discord within our peaceful and united party and government. All who serve in the Mahama administration do so at the President’s behest as statesmen and women in service to the NATION, not to factions.

The Volta Youth Wing of the NDC therefore wishes to advice such phony political operatives to stop the politics of deception, libel, and divisiveness. Their energies would be better spent to openly campaign on substantive issues that contribute to the progress of the Volta Region, and the country as a whole, instead of perpetrating underhanded attacks by proxy.

We disassociate ourselves completely from these politically mischievous statements and the authors who are peddling such palpable lies.

As a matter of urgency, we are hereby calling on the National Security Agencies to apprehend the author of this dubious statement and her accomplices to prove such allegations or be dealt with according to our laws.



Mathias Johnson Alagbo (Kabila)

Deputy Regional Youth Organizer (Operations)

Tel: 0241786168

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