Teacher jailed for defiling best friend’s daughter

A 42-year- old teacher, was on Tuesday sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by a Cape Coast Circuit Court for defiling his bosom friend’s 11- year- old daughter.

Kobina Yamoah, after the incident warned the victim to keep it a secret but in a dramatic turn of events, the crime was revealed through a prophecy during a church service attended by the victim and her step-mother and was subsequently confirmed by the victim and medical examination.

Appearing in court in a red and black stripped smock over khaki trousers, Yamoah, married with six children, pleaded guilty but the Judge, Ms Audrey Kocuvie-Tay, having found his explanation incoherent, sentenced him on his own plea.

Yamoah also known as Soldier, told the court that he did not know what came over him “whether spiritual or physical” describing the incident as “a way God strengthens his children” and “a trap from Satan” and pleaded for leniency.

He however denied penetrating the victim but admitted fondling her, kissing her underwear and only brushing his penis against the victim’s vagina, an explanation that threw the courtroom into uncontrollable laughter.

Passing Judgment, Ms Kocuvie-Tay said Yamoah, being a bosom friend of the victim, was in a position of trust but he broke that trust and needed to be kept away since as a teacher, he was a treat to his pupils.

Two female sympathisers of Yamoah, who could not hold their tears after the sentence was pronounced, dashed out of the court in tears.

According to the facts of the case given by Police Inspector Samuel Amoako, the victim alongside her father and step mother are all residents of Asebu and by virtue of Yamaoh’s friendship with the victim’s father, Yamoah often visited the house.

On Sunday November 29, 2015, both parents of the victim went out in the morning leaving her in the house and at about 1230 hrs in the afternoon Yamoah visited and met the girl watching television in the sitting room.

Inspector Amoako said Yamoah went and sat beside the victim in the sofa started fondling the victim, licked her vagina had sexual intercourse with her on her father’s mattress which was lying on the floor in the hall and he warned her not to disclose the incident to anyone.

On Tuesday December 29, the victim and her step mother went to church during which a prophecy came from a pastor that that the victim had been defiled by her father’s close friend and upon interrogation by the step mother, the victim narrated the incident.

When the parents confronted Yamoah, he admitted the offence and apologised but the girl’s parent reported the incident to the police who issued medical report form for the victim to be taken to the hospital for examination.

According to Inspector Amoako, the report endorsed by the medical officer of the Abura Dunkwa District Hospital indicated that the victim has been defiled and Yamoah was subsequently arrested. GNA

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