Togbe Afede institutes yearly buffet for the elderly

Togbe Afede XIV, Agbogbomefia of Asogli, has instituted, January 2, as a day to organize a yearly buffet for the aged in his realm.

The event would serve as a platform to share the experiences of the senior citizens and also engender comradeship among them.

Togbe Afede announced this at the maiden feast hosted by his kingship, Saturday, in his home in Ho.

Participants at the buffet were from the three out-town communities, Takla, Akoefe and Kpenoe as well as the five divisions making up Ho.

Members of the Shepherds Centre for Aged, an association of the elderly, were also bussed to the feast.

Togbe Afede, in a very short speech, expressed gratitude to his elderly guests for endeavoring the keep society afloat in their time.

He said they, (aged), still had the responsibility to nurture those after them.

Togbe Afede presented six yards of the 10th year of installation anniversary cloth to all guests.

Angelica Abla Ablosu said to be 103, a retired teacher, was the toast of hosts and guests at the buffet.

Togbe Anikpi III, chief of Heve, a suburb of Ho, in a welcome statement, said a yearly party for kids in the area, hosted by Togbe Afede, had been running for some time before that for the elderly.

He said the Afede 2016 Kids Party, attended by 1,000 kids, was held earlier on Saturday December 26, last year. GNA

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