Yereyebi Ahwe Community in dire need of clinic

Yereyebi Ahwe, a farming community in the Hemang Lower Denkyira District of the Central Region, is in dire need of a clinic to serve the health needs of the growing population.

People needing medical care including pregnant women are either carried on motor bikes or walk long distances to Hemang, the District capital or Wawaase.

“The issue of a clinic has been our biggest burden for a long time, our pregnant women travel on motor bikes on 20-Kilometre journey or at worse situations, walk to Hemang to access anti-natal service, “ Nana Kofi Enninful, Chief of Yereyebi Ahwe told the Ghana News Agency in an interview.

Nana Enninful appealed to the government, non-governmental organisations, philanthropist and other development partners to come to the aid of the community.

He said the situation is worst during the raining season when the road linking the community to Hemang becomes virtually immotorable, causing some pregnant women to deliver on the way.

Bernard Sam, a resident expressed worry about the high cost of transporting patients to the hospital.

He said pregnant women whose husbands could not afford to send them to the clinic for ante-natal care rely on traditional concoctions.

The Yereyebi Ahwe community is also in need of a potable water as the bore hole built 15 years ago and the only source of water is infected with worms.

The community with a population of about 850 people produces 5,000 bags and more than 800, 00 metric tons of cocoa and palm oil every year. GNA

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