Politicians should not portray 2016 polls like war – Reverend Minister

Reverend Dr Hilliard Dela Dogbe of the Western-West Africa Episcopal District of the A.M.E Zion Church has advised politicians not to make 2016 elections appear like the country is going to war.

He said it should rather be a contest of ideas and great policies.

Citing the recent seizure of large quantity of arms and ammunitions in some parts of the country, Rev Dr Dogbe, said it creates a situation of worry and anxiety, which should be a concern for all.

In his New Year’s message forwarded to the Ghana News Agency at the weekend, Re Dr Dogbe said, for the past 22 years Ghanaians had toiled to bring democracy this far, so “there should be no room for individuals and groups wanting to raise tension with such negative actions like dealing illegal arms”.

“As citizens desirous of the best for our country, let collectively us rise up and to be vigilant in our communities so that we can report people with suspicious movement to the law enforcement agencies to nip in the bud their nefarious activities before they undermine national peace, unity and stability,” he added.

He said as a people, the challenges of the past years should be a springboard to engage one another, and find pragmatic solutions to the nation’s problems by putting forward constructive alternatives to advance national development agenda.

According Rev Dr Dogbe what Ghana needs now is an environment to motivate the youth to come up with innovative ideas, where they would be encouraged to develop their God-given talents for the good of the country.

He urged young people to shun the company of individuals or groups who in their resolve to attain political power, might use money to influence them to cause violence.

“Let us bear in mind that, when there is no peace, the youth cannot relax, let alone to think about unearthing their potential for national development aspirations.”

The Western-West Africa Episcopal District of the A.M.E Zion Church comprises congregations from Ghana, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia.

Rev Dr Dogbe is currently vying for the position of Indigenous Presiding Bishop of the Western-West Africa Episcopal District of the A.M.E Zion Church which is slated for July this year in the US. GNA

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