Mahama gov’t too corrupt – Konadu

Nana-KonaduFormer first lady and founder of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, has once again lambasted the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, describing it as corrupt.

According to her, the Mills/Mahama administration had supervised the most corrupt and reckless practices in the history of the country.

She said, “I think the fifth and six Parliament of the Mills/Mahama NDC regime have virtually supervised some of the most unspeakable crimes that we have seen in this country.”

She said the crimes committed by the government against the country are “monstrous corruption and abuse of people’s mandate in reckless abandon…Very reckless.”

Nana Konadu, a former NDC vice chairperson, made the comments during an acclamation ceremony for the Volta Regional Executives of the NDP in Ho, the regional capital, over the weekend.

According to her, the current leadership of the country has veered from efficiency which is guided by the Constitution, and has rather leaned towards “a corrupt and abusive leadership.”

She therefore called for accountability, saying, “All we want is accountable governance. People should be accountable.” She said “being a leader or a president of the country doesn’t mean that the rules do not apply to you.”

Nana Konadu said, “A good leader must obey the rules, regulations and the Constitution that govern the country. You cannot do certain things on your own. You must always consult the people who put you there.”

The former first lady also accused President Mahama of hiding behind “flirtation and the use of divisive methods” to cover up his incompetence. She said by so doing, he destroys the very country that he is ruling.

She lamented the use of tribal sentiments by some leaders of the country to set tribes against one another, all in an effort to cover up their ineptitude.

Nana Konadu underscored, “Our leaders must not use flirtation and divisive methods to hide their incompetence. I am sorry.”

According to her, just as one can criticise the cook who prepares his food, the president could also be criticised.

“If I go to a chop bar and the food is not nice, I cannot comment on it because I am not a cook? You can move it all the way to the presidency. When incompetence is there it is incompetence. You cannot say that because you have not been a president before you cannot say somebody is incompetent or competent,” she fumed.

The Acting General Secretary of the NDP, Alhaji Mohammed Frimpong, addressing party supporters, called on people in the region to massively endorse the party in the 2016 general elections. He urged them to reject the NDC and its “World Bank” mantra, as their loyalty has not been honoured by the government.

The acclamation ceremony saw Prince Mensah emerging the NDP chairman, with Theophilus Goka Kwaku as his vice; Abraham Adisa Attah, 2nd vice; Promise Nuglo and Mercy Amedu, secretary and assistant secretary respectively; and Rebecca Gbolo, Melody Johnson and Perfect Nyadeva, the women leader positions.

The rest are Edem Hiagbe Dzanku, director of communication; Innocent Yaw Klodzi, research and monitoring officer, with Richard Mekpa as his Deputy.

Mrs Agyeman-Rawlings, addressing the newly acclaimed executives, urged them to collaborate with other party members in bringing the party’s objectives into fruition.

In his response, Prince Mensah gave the assurance that the new executives would work assiduously in order to enhance the fortunes of the party.

Source: Daily Guide

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