British Airways explains moving Ghana to Terminal 3

British Airways says relocating its flights from Ghana to Heathrow Airport from Terminal five (T5) to Terminal three (T3) does not constitute a downgrade.

According to the airline, it is purely an operational decision needed to consolidate operations in two terminals, instead of three.

The airline was responding to concerns of some Ghanaian passengers that moving Ghana to Terminal 3 constitutes a downgrade.

“The cities have been chosen for a mix of reasons. The long-haul cities have been chosen due to the time of day they operate in and out of Heathrow and the type of 747 they use.

“We need to have a mix of short-haul and long-haul flights in T3 and T5 to make the most effective use of the stands and baggage facilities we have in both terminals,” the airline said in an email to questions posed by The Finder.

“By splitting flights between T3 and T5, it also gives us potential to grow our operations in the future.”

Check-In and Flight Arrivals are located on the ground floor at the front of the building and Flight Departures are above check-in on the first floor.

Arrivals is located on the left at the north end of the building on the ground floor.

Check Heathrow Flight Arrivals for information on scheduled times and destinations, details of delays and cancellations, and find out which terminal to use.

International connections do not require going through Immigrations or Customs, but all international to domestic connections do.

Standard facilities available in the main check-in areas include the Bureau de change, cash machines, disabled-accessible toilets, free Wi-Fi Internet access and telephones.

Terminal 3 is also sprinkled with lounges and other services. The Departures area features a play area and family lounge behind Zara.

There is also a multi-faith prayer room in the same general area.


“We take the opportunity to again apologise to our Ghanaian passengers for previous unrelated incidents that caused delays to their journeys, but the safety and security of our aircraft, crew and passengers is our top priority, and we will never operate a flight unless we are absolutely certain that we would be able to do so,” the airline said.

Source: The Finder

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