Public Relations serve as catalyst for positive outlook – Director

Mr Gayheart Mensah, Director of External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana has described Public Relations (PR) practice as a catalyst in demonstrating visibility, managing issues and portraying a positive outlook and image of organisations.

Speaking at the CIMG Annual Marketing Conference in Accra, Mr Mensah, however faulted some business organisations for their ineffective deployment of PR concepts and interventions.

“In as much as Public Relations practice has become the pillar in engaging external audiences about a company’s efforts, there still remains a certain pervasive lack of understanding of the concept in corporate organisations,” he said.

He noted the growing tendency to position PR as a necessary component but not a strategic aspect of businesses showed a lack of understanding.

Mr Gayheart explained that Public Relations practitioners have a very broad spectrum which includes such strands as Stakeholder Management, Advocacy, Reputation Management, Investor Relations and Crisis Management.

He said what marketers and marketing agencies do as part of an integrated marketing communications was not PR but publicity, which is a tool for both marketing and PR.

“Marketers need to embrace the bigger picture and understand that PR is an overarching practice that encompasses every facet of the corporate life,” he added.

The CIMG conference is organised annually and brings together Marketing professionals and academicians from across the country to deliberate on modern trends of the discipline, as well as adopt ways of strengthening the discipline in the corporate world. GNA

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