Nana-KonaduThe National Democratic Party (NDP) has sent what it calls ‘strong warning’ to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to hold its National Organizer, Kofi Adams, in check or face its (NDP’s) wrath.

According to the NDP – a breakaway party from the NDC – Kofi Adams has the penchant of attacking the founder and leader, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, former first lady, at the least opportunity.

“We are serving notice to Kofi Adams and his ilk that we are ready for them. They are not the only people who have monopoly over insults. If they want their peace they should leave Nana Konadu to do her own thing,” a leading member of the NDP, Joseph Bediako, told DAILY GUIDE yesterday.

Kofi Adams’ case was that he had criticized the former first lady for alleging that some parties might have been paid to adopt certain positions regarding the debate on whether or not there should be a new biometric voter register.

“Some of these statements are better not said. Since 1992 when the NDC was formed at a time Nana Konadu was a member of the party, we have on several occasions had other parties sharing our positions on such electoral matters during election years. Is she suggesting that previously those parties were also influenced? If not, then the same principle must apply now,” Mr Adams told Okay FM in Accra last week, adding that the NDC took ‘strong exception’ to Nana Konadu’s allegation.

However, in an angry tone, Mr. Bediako confirmed that the former first lady had accused some smaller parties of being ‘induced’ by the NDC to side with its (NDC’s) position against a new voter register during last week’s forum organized by the Electoral Commission.

Mr. Bediako, who is also the national coordinator of Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings (FONKAR), said that with her experience, the former first lady was ‘better placed’ to dissect most of Ghana’s problems, including issues regarding election, and not even Kofi Adams could take that right away from her.

“Our boss made the statement to buttress the fact that our political landscape has been unduly monetized. Is Kofi Adams accepting that he shared the money? Why is he interested in attacking our leader without provocation?” he wondered.

“We have already indicated that we will not allow anybody to unduly harass our leader. If Kofi Adams thinks that he can run down the NDP, then the NDC should stand clear because we are going to return fire in equal measure.

“Kofi Adams is not the one to advise Nana Konadu on what to say. He should know that Nana Konadu is determined to speak against corruption and bad governance of the NDC and nobody can stop her.

“When it comes to the NDC, Kofi Adams and his ilk should also know that Nana Konadu cannot be underrated. In fact, she knows the inside-out of the party but since they want to trade insults instead of issues, we are ready for them,” Mr Bediako warned.

He further noted that NDC communicators hop from one radio station to another claiming that the NDP has only three members but added that “they should continue to tickle themselves…we will shock them in 2016.”

He also said that the NDP’s position on the voter register is that the whole document must be replaced with a new one since it is heavily bloated and no amount of cleaning could heal it.

Source: Daily Guide

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