Video: TB Joshua warned of Russian Plane crash in Egypt

TB JoshuaControversial Nigerian preacher TB Joshua, has released yet another video in which he claimed to have prophesied the Russian plane crash in Egypt which claimed the lives of all 224 people on board.

In a video forwarded to TB Joshua could be heard warning that there will be a plane crash in the region not too far from the current conflict zone in the East Ukraine.

“This region they fight everyday..Ukraine, Russia that region, please I will tell the world that commercial plane should not pass there because I’m seeing a commercial plane again crash again”.

On October 31, 2015, a Russian commercial plane Kogalymavia Flight 9268 carrying 217 passengers, including 17 children, and 7 crew members crashed in northern Sinai, Egypt killing all on board.

Watch the rest of TB Joshua’s claims in the video below:

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