Ezenator Rawlings the Next Evil in NDC “Not For Korle Klottey”

On Saturday Ezinator Rawlings with support from her father Ex-President Rawlings rode over the back of a horse through OSU Township and ended at the Mandela Park in OSU. Ezinator introduced herself to the people of OSU as a candidate for NDC MP for the Korley Klottey electoral area. Ezinator is a child of Political Royalty but definitely not from OSU, and not sure if she really belongs to NDC. It looks like she was well accepted at the park either due to poverty or ignorance, which may have blurred the electorate of Osu because this will not happen in Talensi (Northern Region) or Sogakope (Volta Region) where Ezinator hails from or Osei Krom where Konadu hails from. In my wildest dream I am still trying to understand the metaphor about Ezinator riding on a horse into OSU. Did she see herself as the Messiah of OSU Klottey? And also to see a Rawlings sharing money and food for vote was very strange. In order not to bias or myopic and still in my daze let me try and validate Ezinator bid to become Korley Klottey Member of Parliament.

First let’s trace Ezinators roots in OSU, her father was Ex-President Rawlings who worked and lived in the OSU Castle and resided in a government bungalow at Ridge. During their stay in the area the Rawlings family did not join any group in Osu, they were not members of any church in Osu, did not attend any school in Osu, had no friends in Osu, there is no record of the Rawlings family attending any church event at any of the major churches in Osu. Neither did the Ex-President build a school, hospital or anything to boast about
Also is Ezinator a member of the NDC? Well that was answered before she was cleared to stand as a candidate unfortunately the NDC has been so short sighted that President Mills will ask for his body to be relocated if a Rawlings will be the MP for the area where he has been buried. How can the NDC forget the treatment that Rawlings and his family gave President Mills till his death? Where is Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, where is Naadu Mills have you guys forgotten how low the Rawlings family hit during the burial and funeral rites of President Mills which led to slogans like “S33 Assa” how can you permit another Rawlings to creep back into the NDC to continue their agenda that Ghana is for them. I will not be surprised to see her next move is to contest for the Presidency just for power.

Furthermore how can the NDC forget that Ezinator is the daughter of Konadu who formed a party to sabotage the NDC government with a goal of sending the NDC and Atta Mills out of office? Did the NDC forget that Konadu was evening contesting for the Akatamanso logo? How can Ghanaians be very myopic, last week Ezinator made this statement “My mother has issues with the NDC” then she went on to refuse to grade President Mahama and yet nobody in the NDC has come out to chastise her and to unveil the evil agenda that they have for the presidency in 2020.

It is very obvious that the Rawlings family have an agenda with parents in opposing camps, I can’t see how this family can seat at a dinner table together and discuss the vision they have for Ghana, when the mother sees the NDC as a corrupt party and a father who did not even vote for the party or campaign for the party in the last election, this is all happening because Ghanaians will always be Ghanaians Myopic and afraid of Rawlings.

To the people of Korley Klottey and the NDC I am out of my daze of seeing Rawlings and his daughter on the back of a horse to Mandela Park buying votes, giving free food and distributing money all were the evils that he preached against today he has become like the characters in George Owels Animal farm. Four legs good two legs bad, Ex- President Rawlings now wants his daughter to become Mp in an area where they don’t belong, to unseat indigenous people of Osu including someone he trusted (Nii Amarh Ashitey) who managed Tema and its environ under his watch, who he claimed as one of the best Mayor for Tema. Mr Rawlings with a good heart should know that Ezinator can be beneficial at the ridge hospital as a Doctor and not a 25 year old legislator with no knowledge of the people she wants to represent.

By John Osutete

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