Judge freed rapist for GH¢2,000 and guinea fowl

JudgesIt has emerged that one of the High Court judges implicated in the Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigative piece, Justice Yaw Ansu- Gyeabour, now on retirement, freed an alleged rapist for GH¢2,000.

Through the help of the judge’s driver, one Charles Relays, a man in Tamale who had been convicted to a prison term for rape paid his way into the pardon of Justice Ansu- Gyeabour.

“Don’t tell anybody about the bribe,” Justice Ansu-Gyeabour was captured on a hidden camera footage pleading with the Tiger Eye team in a video that caught high-profile judges on audiovisuals allegedly collecting bribes in order to give judgements in favour of those who had offered them.


In one instance, the retired High Court judge received at his home a guinea fowl, a sack full of tubers of yam and cash as “a handshake” for ushering the accused out of the grips of justice.

The judge, who obviously harboured fears about taking the money, pleaded and appealed to the Tiger Eye team to be discreet with the way they conducted themselves over the issue and further stated: “Please you know our work; these things are very dangerous,” stressing, “I beg you ooo.”

He added: “So you are two and I am three (referring to the number of people in the room) so let this thing remain in this room, I beg you.”

Beyond the show of fear in the face of the deal, the High Court Judge suggested that a crucial person in the trial – the state attorney – ought to be ‘seen.’

“So I’ll ask him to take you to the state attorney and then you find something and put it in an envelope. Don’t bring it like this (referring to the money Tiger gave him) GH¢200, GH¢300, whatever your strength would be, put it in an envelope nicely.”


“When you come we’ll take you to him (state attorney), that you’re begging him, the boy is your elder brother and it’s because of him you have come from the university so you beg him, any help he can offer. But as to the meeting between us, even Lawyer Brown don’t tell him.”

In the view of the indicted judge, who had as at the time of the incident been transferred to Asante Mampong, his hands would be tied if the team were “not able to work fast” as he “cannot do anything at all.”

The investigation by Tiger Eye (Undercover – ‘Ghana In The Eyes of God’) brought to light the unscrupulous activities of over 170 Judicial Service staff and judges.

Several categories of people were caught red-handed on hidden camera footages taking bribes from ‘desperate clients’.

Excerpts of Tiger Eye and the judge’s conversation

Judge Ansu: Have a seat! You are welcome!

Tiger: Thank you sir!

Judge Ansu: Today too you’ve come.

Tiger: Yeah!

Judge Ansu: Why have you come?

Tiger: Sir I am a brother of Majid.

Voice: That’s the junior brother.

Judge Ansu: Ahhh you resemble him.

Tiger: And I have also come to show our concern, and because brother Oyi and co came yesterday, we have decided to come and check.

Judge Ansu: Mmmm you see, they were here yesterday and I told them that after the case, the girl’s father brought some, what you may refer to as…the girl was 16 years 10 months and the judge gave Majid too. The girl should be below 16 years so if it is true that the girl was 16 years 10 months then the whole trial was… So I said they should bring the boy’s father, then the father should come with the girl for the girl to come and confirm that this is my father. So I said they should come with either her (NHIS) National Health Insurance card…. (Judge receives a phone call) One minute please.

Judge Ansu: (After the phone call) So I said the (NHIS) National Health Insurance card, voter’s ID or if she has a passport. As for a passport I don’t think she has one.

These are the three but even if he doesn’t have them, he should come with the girl. Do you know the girl?

Tiger: Yes my lord, I know the girl.

Judge Ansu: He should come with the girl, so if they come and she says ‘yes this is my father’ then even without any of the cards, that would be okay.

Tiger: Okay my lord.

Judge Ansu: So tell him he should not fear, I’ll not do anything to him, he shouldn’t fear. All I want to find out is that yes this is his old man and that I made that document that my daughter is 16 years and 10 months that’s all that I’ll ask him.

Tiger: Okay, my lord.

Judge Ansu: So he should not fear that maybe when he comes he’ll have trouble.

Tiger: Okay my lord, so my lord … (Judge cuts in)

Judge Ansu: I know this man very well, even today too he came to plead that I should help emmm Lawyer Brown, do you know him?

Tiger: No, for me I don’t know him.

Judge Ansu: Ahhh one Lawyer Brown, don’t you know him?

Tiger: I got to know him just yesterday that is why I said I don’t know him.

Judge Ansu: But you said he’s a member of your family.

Tiger: Yes my lord, because me I was not in town, I was at school, it’s because of the case that I just….

(Judge cuts in)

Judge Ansu: Where?

Tiger: Cape Coast.

Judge Ansu: Cape Vars?

Tiger: Yes, UCC.

Judge Ansu: Okay.

Tiger: It’s because of the case that I just came home so I met him yesterday.

Judge Ansu: Okay, he himself he came to talk to me. Yesterday I saw him and then today too I saw him. In fact I even advised him that he should try and see the state attorney…he should try and go and find something for him so you can go and discuss it with him.

Tiger: Yes, my lord.

Judge Ansu: You don’t say that you have come to see me. The lawyer, don’t tell him that you have been to me.

Source: Daily Guide

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