University girls in love charm

University of Ghana‘For girls’ is a popular love charm in Ghana used by men to lure women to fall in love with them, but all too soon, the women have their version of the charm, which is highly patronised by students in the various tertiary institutions in the country.

So if your husband or relative is breaking bad and fallen head over heels in love with a female student in any of the tertiary institutions in the country, throwing all caution and reason to the wind in the process, don’t be quick to cast aspersions on them.

Their actions may be driven by forces beyond their control; it is most likely they might have been placed under the spell of a love charm.

The charm, popularly known as ‘Jordan,’ comes in the form of a pebble supposedly harvested from the bed of River Jordan. When it is applied on the lips, eye brows or the clitoris, it is believed to possess powers to hypnotise any man who kisses or have sexual intercourse with them.

When the man is caught in the web of this love charm, he is believed to be at the beck and call of the one who cast the spell.

Weekend Finder has gathered that the charm is a hot cake on campuses and is highly patronised by female students, which they use on unsuspecting men who they stalk in gyms and other social gatherings.

Weekend Finder’s investigations indicate that the ‘medicine men’ who sell the charm deliver them right at the doorstep of the students in their various hostels or halls of residence.

At some hostels in Legon, for example, the medicine men are said to be moving from room to room selling the charm to students.

A female student in one of the universities in Accra who is familiar with the subject told weekend Finder that the charms are highly patronised by female students who seek to live luxurious lifestyles on campus.

“The charm comes in different categories; the ones that will make a man buy you a car and others that will make him give you anything you request from him,” our source stated.

Weekend Finder also gathered that on some campuses in Accra, the girls who use the charm have formed a cult known as ‘Jordan Girls’ and live lavishly on campus.

Source: The Finder

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