“Protect Ghana’s Peace”-Norwegian Ambassador

Mrs Hege Hertzberg, the Norwegian Ambassador to Ghana, has urged leaders of the various religious groups in the country to protect the current peaceful atmosphere in the country.

She said maintaining the national peace at this time was very critical, especially when the nation was preparing to hold its general elections next year.

Making the call when she joined the Tijaniya Muslim Council at its National Delegates’ Conference in Koforidua, she described the peaceful co-existence among the religions sects in Ghana as a “wonderful asset.

The Norwegian Ambassador, however, expressed the fear that it was being threatened by evil forces, such as Boko Haram and ISIS, which were operating in nearby countries.

“This is a real treasure, may be the most valuable asset Ghana has, and we should all take care and nurture it day by day, so that it remains too strong for any alien extremist to destroy,” she stressed.

She condemned the belief that the on-going terrorism in the world was a Muslim intervention, saying no terrorism could be carried out in the name of the All Mighty since the All Mighty would not endorse the killing and frightening of the people He created.

Mrs. Hertzberg implored religious leaders to clarify to their members to read, understand, and practise the Holy Scriptures in support for peace and justice, and to as well stand together to resist the evil forces that were causing much pain in Mali, Nigeria and other West African countries.

“The best protection we can create is to speak well of each other, value our differences, enjoy diversity and respect each other’s right to practise our religion and live our lives, “ she advised.

The Norwegian Ambassador also challenged religious leaders to let their followers understand that violence was never the option to better democracy, stressing that, as Ghana went to the polls in 2016, religious faiths should create an interfaith platform to promote inclusion, transparency and harmony before, during and after the general elections.

She called for concerted efforts to discover and unearth the great potentials that too often were hidden in Ghanaian women, by enhancing their participation in the running of affairs of the economy, and to maintaining national peace to attract more investors into the country.

Sheikh Khalifa Abdul Faidi Maikano, the President of the Tijaniya Muslim Council, Ghana(TMCG), used the occasion to hail the first President of the TMCG, the late Sheikh Abdullai Maikano, who sacrificed greatly for the Council.

He described Sheikh Abdullai Maikano as a leader of peace, unity and justice, and therefore urged all Muslims to emulate him, and live in harmony with all persons around them.

As part of the Delegates’ Conference, funds were raised to support the construction of a befitting museum for the late former President of the TMCG. GNA

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