Duncan-Williams cautions fresh pastors against greed

duncan williamsThe presiding archbishop of Action Chapel International (ACI), Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has cautioned fresh graduates of the Dominion Theological Seminary of the Dominion University College not to pay good with evil.

He was of the view that majority of the graduates were sponsored by their individual church to undertake various courses at the institution, and it would only be diligent for them to go back to serve.

“Don’t go back and think of going to outshine your superiors. When you go doing that, you are only attracting curses unto yourself,” he cautioned.

In also serving their various churches, he advised that they remain faithful to their congregation and do not go about diverting offertories into their personal accounts, among other unworthy deeds.

He charged the graduates to be strong in their quest to win souls, adding that the ministration of God’s word is very exciting yet very challenging.

Archbishop Duncan Williams went on to advise that temptations are bound to occur in their chosen field, and the only way they will not succumb to it is to build strong structures around them.

Power, he said, is the problem in our modern church, and for that matter they should not compare themselves with others but only do what is required of them.

“When you prove your worth, you would surely get there,” he added.

The President of the Dominion University, Professor Felix Hammond, on his part, advised the graduates to be steadfast in the Lord and let patience be their hallmark throughout their journey in the Lord.

He urged them to go out and work hard in the Lord since that serves as the basic requirement of the course they have studied at the seminary.

At the graduation ceremony, 98 students were awarded Diploma certificates in courses such as Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Pastoral Care, and Counselling.

The Dominion Theological Seminary is a Christian university founded by Action Chapel International in the year 2000, and offers ministerial leadership training for pastors and leaders of various Christian organisations.

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