Christian Council Supports New Register

Emmanuel MarteyThe Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has called on the Electoral Commission (EC) to let the recommendations of the Supreme Court on elections be the basis for conducting the 2016 general elections.

The statement of the CCG is one of the strongest yet from an ecumenical organisation on a subject which continues to resonate across the political terrain and provides a high-notched impetus for the proponents of a new register.

In a subtle yet brusque statement on the subject, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, General Secretary of the CCG, maintained that “as a council we are of the view that the recommendation of the Supreme Court for Electoral Reforms in its 2012 Election Petition judgment sets the basis for what we need to do before the 2016 general elections as a nation.”

To ensure that there are no doubts about next year’s polls and boost confidence in the voters’ register and the process thereof, the CCG recommends to the Commission to ensure that the voters’ register is credible. This is because a credible register is key to facilitating the electoral reforms recommended by the Supreme Court and other stakeholders.”

Veering from the general view held by many, the CCG pointed out in the statement that “the determination and call for a credible voters’ register should be done by electorate and not the political parties.”

The EC, the CCG went on, should be seen to be independent and engage various stakeholders, especially religious organisations, civil society organisations and if need be international organisations with experience in elections in working towards a credible voters’ register for the 2016 general elections.”

The Commission, CCG stated, “should not only engage the religious organisations in the matter of a credible voters’ register but the outcome of the polls as we work towards a credible register.”

The CCG assured the Commission that it would remain neutral and non-partisan in all its engagements on national issues, among others.

One of the salient segments of the Supreme Court judgment on the epic election petition hearing was a demand for electoral reforms, the basis of the CCG’s statement.

The Let My Vote Count (LMVCA) has been active in the past few weeks seeking for instance to present a petition to the Charlotte Osei-led EC.

The demand of the pressure grouping in the face of a seeming refusal by the law enforcement agency to oblige the request led to a faceoff recently, leaving in its trail a no-love-lost relationship between the two.

Source: Daily Guide

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