I’m sorry, it was meant to be a prank – Nana Aba

Nana Aba AnamoahAfter surviving days of mean comments and attacks on social media, popular Ghanaian TV presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah has apologised for posting somebody else’s pictures on twitter last Sunday, which suggested she was at her favourite team, Manchester United’s game in England.

The owner of the said pictures on that day, expressing shock on twitter about Nana Aba’s claims and subsequently released other photos to show Nana Aba deliberately cropped him out of those pictures, to create the impression she was at the stadium.

The revelation quickly ‘sparked fire’ on twitter, as they mocked her and challenged her to respond.

Nana Aba uncharacteristically went ‘dead’ on twitter for hours and tweeted something to test the waters.

That tweet did very little to calm the social media frenzy. “My intention was not to steal someone’s pictures as mine. Absolutely not,” Nana Aba tweeted on Thursday in a series of tweets.

Nana Aba has apologised and clarified that she was only joking when she tweeted the said photos. “Sorry to all who got offended by that joke. It was all meant to be an innocent prank,” she added.

Nana Aba who is also an ardent fun of Manchester United maintained her unflinching support for the football club saying “my deep passion for Man U remains unchanged. I am a football fanatic.”

Source: Citifmonline

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