Patrons dumbfounded after watching Anas’s Corruption video

Anas Aremeyaw AnasMany Ghanaians who stormed the Accra International Conference Centre on Tuesday to watch the much awaited video evidence of the extent of corruption in the judiciary expressed shock and disappointment after the premiere.

The three-hour documentary titled: “Ghana in the eyes of God; An epic of injustice,” which was put together by Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tigereyepi team, the documentary revealed the extent of corruption among some members of the judiciary.

Earlier in the afternoon most of the patrons had to join a long queue at the main entrance of the hall and almost everyone was screened before entering as part of security measures.

The main auditorium was filled to capacity with additional chairs arranged in-between the seats.

Minutes after the premiering started the auditorium was interrupted with shouts and intermittent laughs and screams while the video showed monies being exchanged between court officials, investigators, prosecutors and judges.

The documentary captured some judges from the different stages of the judiciary structure taking bribes to compromise their judgments on cases before them.

In the documentary almost all the judges were caught taking the bribes at their home, some at the Accra Mall, while others met at unidentified locations to take the various sums of monies they charged mostly through court officials.

Some patrons, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency after the show, described the attitudes of the judges as shameful.

Mr Daniel Antwi said he was very disappointed in the judiciary, adding that an arm of government which was so respected and revered is now accepting monies to set criminals free.

He said he was surprised at the way all the judges had their own style of taking bribes in various forms ranging from monies, to goat, sheep and yam.

Another patron said the development was worrying and creates uncertainty in the judicial system, if some judges could descend so low to take just GH₡ 300.00 to set criminals free.

“Some of the judges even went ahead to question the tigereyepi team why the monies were not in envelops, and why they paid the monies in bits,” he added.

He said “there are lots of lessons that need to be learnt from Anas’s piece, and as Ghanaians we must be careful in all our endeavours”.

He said although trust and confidence in the judiciary leads much to be questioned now, the public must not take the law into their own hands.

Some high profile personalities who watched the documentary included, Dr Ekow Spio Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr K. B Asante, Madam Eva Lokko, Rev Father Andrews Campbell and Rev Professor Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the National Peace Council.

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