Ghana-DRC sign joint commission agreement for cooperation

Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have signed an agreement with a view to implementing decisions reached to advance the course of social and economic development of the two countries.

The accord follows a successful completion of the second session of the Ghana-DRC permanent joint commission for cooperation in Accra in pursuance of a revised general cooperation agreement signed in Kinshasa in June 2014.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ms Hanna Tetteh, signed on behalf of Ghana whiles Deputy Foreign Minister and leader of the Congolese delegation, Mr Mwe di Malila Apenela Franck, certified for DRC.

Ms Tetteh said the agreement was a testimony of the shared commitment to advance the course of the relations between the two countries and work towards improving lives of their citizenry.

She said the cordial relations between the two countries, spearheaded by their founding fathers, sought and continue to seek various levels of cooperation to deepen their relations with specific focus on the social and economic improvements of the people.

She said the discussions paved the way for technical experts from the agriculture and customs sectors of the two countries to undertake visits to their respective institutions this November.

“It is particularly refreshing to learn that Ghana and the DRC have deliberated on and agreed to share further experiences on matters relating to the Ebola Virus Disease, which has become a bane to the socio-economic development of some African countries,” she said.

As part of the agreement, Ghana is to offer technical expertise to the DRC in the areas of technical vocational training as well as provide academic guidance for their professional teaching staff. GNA

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