Pay compensation or return land compulsorily acquired

Pastor Mathias Klutse, Administrator of the Estate of the late Oswald K. Klutse has given notice to head to Court to compel the State to pay 1,667,128.87 Ghana Cedis as compensation on 50.3 acres of his father’s land acquired by the State in 1965 for a Rifle Range by Instrument, 1972 (EI44).

“…if by 30th September, nothing favourable is heard from the Ministry of Defence my only alternative is to proceed to court for the court to order payment or for the release of the 50.3 acres of land to me…”

Mathias Klutse therefore appealed to President John Mahama to intervene to prevent the payment “judgment debt.”

In a Press release Klutse said a directive by President Mahama to the Ministry of Defence following an earlier petition failed to resolve the matter.

The Release said the compensation has appreciated from 13,810.00 Ghana Cedis in 2001 to 1,667,128.87 Ghana Cedis as at March 2014 upon revaluation.

Klutse said on the 15th March 2015, he submitted a fresh compensation valuation report on the land to the Minister of Defence with copies to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General and Lands Commission.

It said the “Ministry of Defence in 2001 ignored a directive and recommendation from Lands Valuation Board and the then Serious Fraud Office respectively to pay GHC 13,581.00 as compensation to my father Oswald K. Klutse…”

“All efforts made by my father to get his meager compensation paid proved futile until he died in the year 2004.” GNA

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