Ofori Amponsah: money problems not reason for highlife return

ofori_amponsahHighlife musician Ofori Amponsah, who made a return to music after abruptly quitting some years ago to become a pastor has pushed back at claims that he made the U-turn because of money problems at his church.

It had been rumored on social media that low number of members as well as other shortcomings at the church he founded after he left the music scene are behind his U-turn to the studios.

Speaking to VibeGhana.com in an interview the Emmanuela hit maker said he is not coming back to singing because of money or any financial difficulties he is facing at his church.

“Before I left Highlife to become a full time evangelist, I sang mostly about love. I didn’t encouraged violance or anything like that and God is love so if I have decided to go back and sing doesn’t mean am broke as it has been reported.”

Ofori Amponsah, populaly known also as Mr. All4Real said he will continue spreading the Words of God even as he is doing music part time.

“The music will not stop me from spreading the Gospel, I have always been a preacher and will continue doing the good work along side studio work.”

Amponsah who preaches every Sunday as the head pastor at Family of Faith and Love Ministries International says he has the full support of his church in his decision to return to music.

“Everybody at church know that I am commited to the sevice of God and they understand that music is something I enjoy doing.”

Source: VibeGhana.com

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