Bastiat Ghana Institute advocates end of miracle encounters

Bastiat Ghana Institute, a liberal economic think tank, has urged charismatic churches to minimise their miracle encounters and rather help the people to direct their energies towards productive ventures.

The Institute noted that activities of the churches deepen the ignorance of people which drive them to overly rely on supernatural powers that tends to make them “unconsciously lazy.”

Dr Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu, Executive Director of Bastiat Ghana Institute who made the call at a news briefing on Tuesday observed that the Institute believes the role the Church and spiritual centres in Africa in economic development could never be underestimated, but said there is the need to impart the right mentality and attitude in people.

He said the kind of teachings from churches is very critical in giving birth to the calibre of efficient labour force the country requires to drive its economic transformation agenda.

“Therefore our research findings depict the correlation between operations of the church and political-economic management of the country,” he said.

Dr Senzu urged the media to continue to play their role in public education as the pillar in the revolution and the country’s drift to economic independence.

Bastiat Ghana Institute works to ensure that small business owners grow with relevant entrepreneurial kills that seek to change the course of national productivity and contribute significantly to the economy. GNA

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