Avoidance Of Homosexuality Saves Ghana From God’s Wrath

The world we see today is ruled by circular law. This law (universal Human right) destroys nations. The moral right of God has been replaced with human right. How do we see Ghana in the midst of the nations with regard to this universal right? There is a greater power behind homosexuality which is more than Ghana and we need to stand up quickly against the legalization of this abomination in our society.

The right of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement being campaigned by European Union, America and United Nation Organization (U.N.O.) urging all governments across the world to legalize homosexual democracy rejects the law of God and destroys future generation and brings the wrath of God (curse) on nations which promote same-sex marriage (Revelation 13:11-16.Rev.14:9-12 ).

The recent legalization of same-sex marriage in America is a wake-up call for all Ghanaians to rise up to stand for God. Let us denounce it as an abomination (Leviticus 18:22,Rom. 1:24-28,2nd Peter 2:4-6 ) and destroys society.(Rev.17:15-17)

In one voice, Ghanaians must unite in one accord to press hard on the government and the parliamentarians to frown on this practice before the unexpected happens in our Laws to save Ghana from curse.

History repeats itself and the world which Ghana is found has turned to be Sodom and Gomorrah.(Luke 17:26-30,Genesis chapter 18 & 19)

Ghana, Africa and world at large must be redeemed from God’s wrath (Rev. 14:9-12) before it becomes too late for us all. As matter of urgency, we have to stand up seriously with prayers and actions for our homeland Ghana to be blessed forever.

By: Philip Turkson
(Bible Researcher)

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