Demolition Exercise At Old Fadama (SODOM AND GOMORRAH) Is A Spite On The Rule Of Law

We the National Advocates against Corruption and Injustice (NAACAI) wishes to state our displeasure with the manner in which the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is carrying out the demolition exercise at Old Fadama (Sodom and Gomorrah).

We are appalled by the wanton destruction of the property of the victims, their sources of income and the subsequent failure of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to put in measures that seeks to provide sustainable sources of livelihoods for the victims. The Demolition Exercise has imposed a lot of hardship on the People of Old Fadama and has rendered a large number of breadwinners’ homeless and jobless leading to squalor in an already gloomy economic and social situation.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly failed to consult extensively with the various stakeholders before embarking on the demolition exercise. The Agreed limit of 100 meters from the lagoon based on which the demolition was to take place was disregarded without due process of law. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly failed to also put in place a comprehensive relocation plan for the victims. The Assembly also failed to present a proper land redevelopment program that takes into consideration the interests of all stakeholders.

We deem the actions of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly as disrespect, disdain and disregard for the victims since she failed to put in place sustainable contingent measures precedent and subsequent to the demolition exercise. We think the haphazard manner in which the demolition was done does not in any way lay claim to justice and moral propriety.

While we recognize the power of eminent domain of the state, we also wish to remind the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to take into consideration the fundamental human rights of the victims as stipulated in the 1992 constitution of Ghana and to put in measures that would provide sustainable reprieve to the victims immediately.

We Also wish to urge the Accra Mayor who, acting under the silent chaperoning of the President of the Republic to put in place policies that have been digested by common counsels and modified by mutual interest between the state and the victims that would lead to a lasting solution to this problem.
We indulge the hope that, in the interest of the public trust, the subject of economic and social prosperity of the people of Old Fadama SHALL engage the curiosity of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly in its future Actions.

Ebenezer Tackie Oblie Yamusah

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