Tourist desk at KIA crucial to travellers

The Ghana Tourists Board in collaboration with authorities at the Kotoka International Airport has revamped the Tourist Information Desk (TID) at the Airport to provide crucial information for visitors to the country.

The Tourist Information Desk, located in the arrival hall of the airport, serves as the first point of contact for visitors who need some information on the country upon arrival.

Mr Paul Opare, a TID Senior Official, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that the centre provided information on recreational facilities, the various options of hotels and rest houses, and any other information an incoming traveler may need.

“We serve as the first point of contact for in-coming travelers, in their areas of key concern such as accommodation, recreation, amongst several others,” said he said.

He said one key duty the TID performed, was ensuring the safety and comfort of in-coming travelers, during their stay in the country.

“When travelers make enquirers, we do not only brief them verbally, but also support what we tell them with brochures and maps,” he said.

Mr. Opare said: “We provide information on security, safe to go to places and provide a good idea of the various options that are open to them where their basic needs are concerned, during their stay.

“We give out brochures on tourists’ sites, places of interest, hotels, rest houses among several others, as well as the country as a whole, with detailed advice to suit the specific needs of each individual,” he said.

He, therefore, appealed to visitors especially first timers to contact the TID centre for information. GNA

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